Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Case of the Were-Kindergartners

In all my time learning of mythical creatures, I have never learned of the Were-Kindergartner. Is it perhaps because they are so rare they haven't been adequately documented? Or is it, perhaps as I believe, because there is a conspiracy afoot that wants to keep this phenomenon under wraps.

Today started out as any other day at work. I show up, I wonder around remind children that C makes a /c/ noise, etc. I take them to recess, then make sure they don't kill each other until the bell rings. Remind more children of the /c/ noise, go to lunch, make sure they eat and don't kill each other....well you get the idea. There were only subtle signs that something wasn't right...too subtle. I didn't truly pick up on it until a half hour through. Were these kids turning into, dare I say it, monsters???

Yes, yes they were. What yesterday seemed to be sweet and innocent 5 year olds had, overnight, turned into demons! Yelling, throwing, kicking, name calling, tattling, spitting, jumping. I wanted to pull my hair out by recess. At lunch, my most dreaded time of day on normal days and today doubly dreaded, one of the other lady's expressed to me her difficulties. It wasn't just my naughty bunch? What had taken over the bodies of these kids? At that point the lights dimmed and thunder struck outside. Wind blew around the cafeteria and somewhere in the distance a witch cackled. Another lady leaned in to us and told us, a singular light shining on her face, that it was the full moon! WERE-KINDERGARTNERS! They get especially rambunctious on full moon days.

Well, I don't know if JK Rowling or Obert Skye will be writing any books on the matter, but I thought you should all be aware and on the look out.


M said...

I will be on the look out!
So by reviewing the books you've read in the small city I can tell you must be one of those people that reads the last chapter of a book first - for shame! I can't believe you read Fablehanven 3 before Fablehave 2 - You think you know someone....