Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Soap Box: Vaccine Lines

I love to rant and complain about random things that happen in my day to day life. And, lets be honest, who doesn't? Today, I was frustrated to the point of complaining to anybody who would listen...

Here's the story:

I'm pregnant and going to school ,after a lot of research, *shout out to the incredibly pointless class LIB1010 that made me use Acedemic Research Premiere* I decided to get vaccinated for the flu...both piggy and regular. So, I've been waiting patiently for my turn to get the H1N1 shot from my local health department. Finally, after checking the website repeatedly over the last two weeks, my day had come! They had vaccines for the following groups: high risk children 6 mo to 4 years, pregnant chicas, and caregivers of newborns. Yay!!! That's me! :)

Wait, no its not...

Because as I walked in at 1 to wait to get my shot I was overwhelmed by people. Tons of people. Worst of all there were children running everywhere. So I get in line and then the lady comes out and says they may run out for everyone currently in line- that's your's truly. Let me explain how they were handling it...There were numbers given to everyone and if a mom had a number she would go in and get her kid vaccinated. If she had 6 kids, and brought in the 6 kids, then that one number would use 6 shots. So, the wee ones running and yelling all around were getting shots whether they were high risk or not and they weren't checking. Awesome.

I shouldn't have expected anything different...this is a government agency we are talking about. I should have known things would not run efficiently or correctly. But, nonetheless, I was frustrated that further steps weren't taken. Now I have to wait even longer and use more hand sanitizer at school because Mario likes to hack into napkins and not wash his hands :(